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Solutions to help brands and agencies reach, engage, and activate their audience in digital.



SEM (Paid Search)


Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • ​In-house or agency digital marketing teams not delivering the expected results or productivity

  • You're an agency that needs an experienced paid digital marketing partner to plan, execute and manage your brand client's PPC, programmatic and/or social media campaigns

  • Google and/or Meta (Facebook) digital marketing results plateaued or retreated

  • Having difficulty connecting your brand's digital marketing investment to business outcomes

  • Unsure of how to invest by digital channel or what ad tech to use to maximize results

  • ​You need assistance developing a 1st party data strategy that is privacy compliant and effective at driving sales


First Position Digital Can Jumpstart Your Growth

First Position Digital offers solutions to meet your brand wherever you are in your digital marketing journey.  These solutions address pre- and post-digital media investment and can be activated in-house or by the FPD team.  Custom brand solutions and consulting services are also available.​​

Paid Digital Media Management

Our team will plan, execute and manage your brand's paid digital media program, incorporating a data-driven, full-funnel, multi-channel strategy to drive successful business outcomes.

The FPD team will provide your brand access to a paid digital marketing dashboard which will consolidate channel reporting (SEM, Social and Programmatic) into one view that can be accessed 24/7
With 22+ years of experience working from three sides of the industry - brand, agency, and ad tech - FPD can provide your brand with expert consulting related to the digital marketing ecosystem.

Consulting projects include 1st party data strategies, ad tech (DSPs, CDPs, etc) vetting and selection, agency audit, paid digital media strategy development, and competitive research

What Makes Us Different

  • 22+ years of experience working with brands- From Fortune 500 to start-up brands, their agencies, consultancies, and private equity firms

  • Transparent and efficient fee structure- No hidden fees and no charging by FTEs (full-time employees)

  • Outcomes focused- Unyielding attention to driving business outcomes

  • A la carte solutions- Customizable consulting and paid digital marketing management solutions to meet any challenge

  • Free cross-channel campaign reporting dashboard- Available 24/7, connect the dots from investment to outcomes

  • Ad tech and supply chain curation- We have access to the best, but select only what will efficiently drive your outcomes 

  • Multi-channel access- Reaching target audiences in digital via paid search/SEM, paid social, and programmatic channels (CTV/OTT, Digital-Out-Of-Home, Audio, Display, Native, Video)

What Our Clients Say
"Our company provides a specialized service to a small group of American consumers. Sean and First Position Digital dove right in to understand the nuances of our customers and our competitive market. The team was great to work with, increased the knowledge of our internal team and helped us capture sales through their paid digital marketing strategies. I’ve worked for and with a great number of marketing agencies in my career. FPD is first-rate."
MD Walters
SVP, Strategic Communications
Allsup, LLC

About FPD

Sean Sweeney
Founder & CEO

Our world has changed a lot since the pandemic hit.  Consumer behaviors have changed too, perhaps for good.  Privacy laws are multiplying.  Advertising technology keeps evolving.  New channels launch and experience exponential growth seemingly overnight.  Despite the promise of efficiency, digital marketing has become more complex and requires time and experience to master.  As a marketer or agency in charge of a brand's marketing success, you have many other responsibilities and priorities besides paid digital marketing.  This is why I founded First Position Digital. 


We are here to help marketers and agencies successfully navigate and conquer this new world of digital marketing and changing consumer behavior.  With 22+ years of digital advertising experience - working with Fortune 500 brands to start-ups across dozens of verticals - our team has the experience to know what research, partners, technology, and channels you need to drive revenue growth and achieve your business outcomes.  Our experience working from three sides of the market - ad tech, agency, and brand - will help your brand avoid mistakes, select the best tech and channel, and gain cost and time efficiencies while offloading the risk and vendor management.  

It starts with a 15-minute conversation.  Select an available day and time below that works best for you, follow the prompts and if your brand fits our profile, a meeting confirmation will follow via email. 




Let's Talk

Want to learn more?  Book a 15-minute discovery call today using the availability calendar below.  Once booked, a meeting confirmation will be sent to your email with all the details.    

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