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Searching For A Digital Marketing Agency

All businesses need marketing and advertising. Simply put: without outreach, there is no evidence that you exist! And as a business leader, when you have determined that you would prefer to outsource your marketing efforts to an external agency, the search begins.

Sifting through a multitude of marketing agency potentials can become tremendously overwhelming; what exactly are you looking for? On the surface, several digital agencies boast unbelievable results, making it hard to decide between them. But how authentic are these claims?

First Position Digital hopes to provide some guidance on how to appropriately search for a digital marketing agency to accomplish your goals. Understanding these steps removes looming stress around placing your brand and customer acquisition in the hands of a third-party.

Understand What You Need First

So much more goes into this concept than just merely needing a web designer, a content writing team, or some type of video marketing from an agency. Much of what understanding your needs in marketing involves has to do with understanding the very industry you’re in.

For instance, if you are looking to increase your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by way of paid search, what story are you trying to build around your brand? Are you merely benchmarking against your competitors and what they are doing, or are you trying to blaze a new trail in the industry?

Likewise, where exactly do potential customers in your industry spend most of their time online? Is your industry one that benefits greatly from paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, or do your customers prefer to watch influencer marketing content on SnapChat or TikTok?

Agency Strengths and Previous Work

Once you determine what your needs are, now the focus should be on the agency’s strengths and a portfolio of their previous work. Providing past results is preferable; however, an actual visual of what they’ve done to achieve those statistics is crucial.

Is one of your marketing goals to utilize programmatic advertising, such as audio, native, and video display type media? If an external marketing team claims to implement this and has relevant statistics to prove it, viewing exactly what they’ve worked on is sure to adequately represent their strengths.

If you review their capabilities, short falls, and tactile evidence of what they have accomplished as a marketing agency, if you are not one hundred percent confident in their capabilities, do not be afraid to back out. This is your business and your livelihood; if you are not feeling connected to a specific marketing agency, then they are not for you.

Diverse Digital Solutions

With an individualized approach to all clients, data-driven marketing strategies, and outcome focused solutions, First Position Digital has a diverse team of digital marketing professionals that places them among the best performance marketing agencies in the Midwest.

First Position Digital Solutions specializes in paid digital marketing consulting, strategy development and execution services for Series A funded and larger (mid-market) CPG and QSR/Fast casual brands. For more information, visit today!

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