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When Is It Time To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

When you start a business, you probably need to wear many hats. But as you grow, you will start to find that there is an expiration date on each of those hats you’re wearing; you can’t do everything forever.

Hiring for some tasks is easy. For example, if you own and operate a restaurant, doing your accounting and bookkeeping is likely not your forte. Perhaps you decide to remove that hat from your head by hiring an accounting firm quickly as you excel.

But what about digital marketing? Tasks as such seem easy to handle from the start, but eventually become so overbearing that your digital marketing efforts likely fall by the wayside. From years of experience, First Position Digital knows exactly when it's time to hire an outside digital marketing agency.

Lacking A Defined Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, you’re just too close to the product to know how to market it effectively. That’s not to say you don’t understand your product; you actually understand it too well. In lieu of this, a sort of ‘analysis paralysis’ sets in, where you want to highlight so many features about said product or service that a lack of direction takes over.

This is a major instance where hiring a paid digital marketing agency comes into play. An agency like First Position Digital does not merely take your ideas and make advertisements out of them; they get to know your product and create a plan for it, giving your brand direction that is most integral to growth.

While some small businesses that lack a marketing plan fear an outside source not fully understanding their product or service, First Position Digital is fully aware that digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. As an outside agency, they will focus on a business’s individual needs with an outcome-based approach.

Misunderstanding Your Analytics?

Even if you are able to juggle the creative side of your paid digital marketing and develop a strategy to retain that talent in-house, do you really know what the results mean? Likewise, if customers are responding positively or negatively to your multimedia, how quickly do you respond?

Not having a solid understanding of the statistics that follow marketing efforts wastes them, unfortunately. The point of digital marketing tactics is to bring new customers to a business while comprehending what exactly is working. This data-driven approach is also a special skill brought to your organization by an agency like First Position Digital.

If you as a business owner find that you have an increase in customers from a digital marketing campaign that you have implemented, that is certainly a time to consider bringing in an external agency to then expand the diversity of what worked and decipher what didn’t. Assuming that you will have continued success doing the same thing continuously is detrimental.

Consider First Position Digital

Of these aforementioned moments where hiring an external digital marketing agency is key, consider First Position Digital as an option! First Position Digital Solutions specializes in Series A funded and larger (mid-market) CPG and mid-market QSR/Fast casual brands.

For more information, visit today!

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