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Working With A Digital Marketing Agency

There comes a moment where a business makes a decision regarding their paid digital marketing efforts. Do they hire an in-house team and account for their salaries, or is that money spent on an external digital marketing agency?

Many organizations in any industry frequently decide to outsource their marketing department to an agency for their digital advertising efforts. The benefits of doing so have been discussed by many, but not enough have explored the process once you select an external digital marketing agency.

Being an external digital marketing agency themselves, First Position Digital details a first-hand account of some of the more notable characteristics involved in working with an outsourced team, so you and your organization know what to expect and how to effectively collaborate.

Transparent and Effective Communication

An outside digital marketing team has a unique third-party perspective of your product or service; however, even the best performing digital marketing agencies are not full-time employees. This makes communication even more important.

This should not just be an occasional text or vague email; be sure to really communicate with the agency you hire. Have a dedicated colleague or internal team of colleagues be in constant contact with the digital marketing agency via Zoom or Google virtual meetings and dedicated email correspondence so they always have a quality point of reference.

For any written or visual communication, be sure you and your team are being as clear and concise as possible. Too often communication between internal and external operations become subjective. You are implementing an outside agency to create a paid digital marketing strategy, so be specific!

Trust Is Everything

Communicating transparently and honestly with your external marketing team is important, but equally as valuable is an obvious expression of trust. Collaboration is helpful, but at some point you and your organization must let them take the reins.

Remember, there was a reason you hired them rather than an in-house team, and even further a reason you selected their specific agency out of the others. For much of your digital advertising, they will be your advisors, bringing their own boundless experience to the table. But it still pays to check that their efforts align with relevant statistics in your industry.

Trust your selected digital agency, but verification that your trust is in the correct area with the agency is also wise. If you know the results from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that you are looking for, cross-checking the results brought about by an agency’s implementation of a paid search strategy validates your trust in them.

A Outcome-Focused Team

Above all else, paid digital marketing should be data-driven and outcome-focused in every approach. First Position Digital is this and more, creating individualized marketing strategies that suit a client’s specific needs. Their previous work provides evidence of effective marketing strategies for all of their clients.

First Position Digital Solutions specializes in research and strategy development for Series A funded and larger (mid-market) CPG and mid-market QSR/Fast casual brands. For more information, visit today!

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